Hi! My name is Ginny.

Ginny Jeong is an illustrator based in Bendigo. 
She spent most of her life in Korea and moved to Australia in 2015. She studied animation at university and was influenced by Hayao Miyazaki, Yuri Norstein and Moebius. In her teens and 20s, drawing fascinated her so much that she even drew while walking or eating; she also drew during her travels around the world.
She is interested in various art styles and challenges herself to learn and try many different styles. She draws environmental art, characters and graphic stories. Currently, she is interested in motherhood and multiculturalism and adds storytelling to her skills.
In 2015, she designed environmental art for an animation film White Silence that was invited to enter the Annecy International Animation Film Festival. She worked on the layout and background design for On the White Planet, which won the award for Best Feature Film at HAFF in 2014.
She joined the Bendigo Enlighten Festival by creating a cut-out animation for Lorraine Brigdale's "We Are Together" in 2018.